April 23, 2008

My first mapping day!

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My First WaysToday is a special day! I’ve got my first taste of being an active OSM contributor!

At the first mapping party in Rome on April 20th Dieterdreist, Danilo and I had got a little GPS trace of the zone called “Monti Tiburtini”. I asked them to let me try to do some JOSM playing (because actually I’m a newbie in real mapping situations) and wait for my editing.

So the first thing I’ve done today has been to open an OpenStreetMap account and upload my first GPX file to the OSM server 🙂 Then I’ve started to get in touch with JOSM, and after one or two hours of try-and-error (with some great help from Dieterdreist… I can’t thank you enough for your patience!) I’ve got my first map! 🙂 If you want to participate to my joy, you can see the result (all the white streets).

But in the evening I had to do some “shopping” around: my zone is not mapped at all… so it was the best occasion to do some GPS tracing play! 🙂 I took my bluetooth GPS and my OSMTracker-powered handheld… and when I came back to home I’ve uploaded new GPS traces, and played around with JOSM to learn more and more about it. Here my personally exciting results!

Case Rosse

At the end, I wanted to learn something about other features OSM gives us, and after I’ve got to work the Yahoo plugin, I’ve extended Aniene river a little, which was limited to GRA motorway before.

I can’t find the right words to say how I enjoyed this mapping experience! I’ve a fear that I’m becoming OSM-addicted 🙂

So… more coming soon…!


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