April 24, 2008

Setting things up

Posted in GSoC tagged , at 10:39 pm by fadinlight

First of all, the GSoC-related news: I’ve just set up a wiki page in OpenStreetMap’s wiki to let everyone who wants participate in my brainstorming for Osmarender Frontend. In the next days, I’ll update that page with any idea, feature, or solution that will come in my mind before drawing any diagram/UML class for my application. Obviously everyone is invited to modify that page with any new idea. Please remember to sign yourself, so I can credit you 🙂

However, there’s no way out. Now I can’t leave my home without a GPS anymore 🙂 I’ve uploaded new GPS traces today and do some mapping with JOSM again.

Then I finished setting up this blog, and now this is my very first “live” post. During the next days, I’ll add some older posts: some of them are in my old temporary blog, some others were never written/published on the Net, but I wrote them down during the terrible days waiting for GSoC acceptance announcement 🙂 Those posts will have the same date in which I’ve written them.

Another little thing that made me quite happy. I’ve seen by luck (searching italian pages in Google with key “osmarender”) this post from Trevino’s Tumblelog, which, beyond other GSoC projects, is also listing mine for being one of the most interesting/innovative. Cool!!! 🙂


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