April 28, 2008

Ideas! Ideas!

Posted in GSoC, OSM Contributions tagged , at 11:53 pm by fadinlight

Going deeper into Osmarender’s rule file today. I had also some (beautiful to me) ideas for the GUI and for the architecture of the future frontend, which I updated in the wiki. I think previews for CSS styles (taken from very little default OSM files) will be a very interesting feature to improve usability. And more ideas are coming.

However, this morning I had a nice surprise: villa Doria Pamphili has rendered quite well (although I’ve to do some changes)

More interesting details zooming in…

Even the steps in the upper right corner have a name, although it’s not rendered even in the higher zoom. Think I’m going too strict with details 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll look for more architecture and GUI guidelines ideas… hope to draw a beautiful architecture diagram in the next days!



  1. Martin said,

    Hi Mario,

    nice to see you’re doing very well, complimenti, it’s good to go into details, even if the name is not shown on the rendering we get today, but the renderers are constantly improving. It will be of use anyway, you can also get the name e.g. by uploading the data on a gps-receiver or browsing it with a search-request.

  2. fadinlight said,

    Hi Martin,

    Thank you for your encouragement, I’m trying to do my best to note every bit I can… about the renderers, hope someday to get them render the map of my kitchen too 😉

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