April 30, 2008

6 hours travel = 6 hours GSoC brainstorming

Posted in GSoC tagged at 10:00 pm by fadinlight

(This post has been published after the original date, due to connection issues)

Today I’m going to Sardinia to my beloved girlfriend Claudia. Crossing Tirrenian Sea from Civitavecchia to Olbia took 6 hours travel. I was planning to map a GPS trace for this travel, but I couldn’t manage to capture any satellite from my seat (even if I was in the front), so I went for “Plan B”.

When I was still home, in fact, I’ve printed all Osmarender’s wiki pages, two rule files and the Mapnik’s rule file. I’ve printed something about SVG styling (from W3C web site) too. Then I loaded some advanced guide/tutorial for CSS, XSL, JavaScript, etc. in my EeePC. So I spent my travelling time reading this huge amount of stuff and writing some notes about what I’ve found. Just some schemas about rule file internals and some GUI ideas. I’m starting to think strongly that the GUI should be divided in three parts: one for novice users, one for intermediate users and one for advanced users: the last one should be obviously the first to develop, but I’ve to design the core and the controller now for the other two sections. Even if I’ve not already the whole design in my mind, the pieces are starting to get together, in an exciting way!


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