May 9, 2008

Sardinia Mapping

Posted in OSM Contributions tagged at 7:49 pm by fadinlight

Today I’ve returned from Sardinia, so it’s time to tell a little “digest” of what happened there with my girlfriend (oh, well… only mapping-related informations ;)).

My beloved Claudia found to be a perfect mapper!!! She took care of recording any waypoint and street names while I was driving through Sardinia in these days. We collected 427 waypoints and 30682 GPS points. I’ll upload them during next days, cause I’ve to make some order out of them to tag them properly.

However, this is what appears in JOSM, with an OpenAerialMap layer:

You can notice a little trace in the upper right, near italian peninsula: this is a little “route=ferry”. Unfortunately I couldn’t manage to catch satellites in any way during the travel, so at 5 am, when I woke up, I went out from the deck and mapped a little… however I’ve seen that, fortunately, that route is already mapped.


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