May 10, 2008

Half thousand emails..and OSM community debates!

Posted in GSoC tagged at 11:31 pm by fadinlight

During my week in Sardinia I had not so much time to read/reply emails, so today that I’m returning full time in the project, I had to read (and reply some of) about 400-500 past emails from GSoC private student list, from Talk-it OSM mailing list and from Dev OSM one.

I’ve noticed that Dev list has got two interesting threads mainly, one about Potlatch and one about 0.6 version of the API. I’m a little bit sad about some misunderstanding that came up in the community, but, hey, this is the most authentic view of a community: a group of people with different ideas, different objectives and different points of view, but always the common aim to grow better. I’m very happy about the mutual respect that everyone had for each other in the community even in the middle of some hard debates, and the care everyone had to solve any misunderstanding.

All those debates convinced me again that my precise choice for OpenStreetMap (actually it was the one and only application I sent to Google) has been a perfect choice: a young community constantly changing to grow better, with interesting and open arguments, very competent people. At the end, a very very dynamic and interesting community.

Although at the moment I had not much feedback for my brainstorming, I’ve a feeling that in the future, when something starts to shape and the first custom maps will begin to work… there will be interesting opinions and voices! 🙂

OSM community, I love you all 🙂


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