May 12, 2008

Mentor bonding

Posted in GSoC tagged at 6:39 pm by fadinlight

Today I’ve got a little conversation in Jabber and a “huge” email (which I replied soon) with my mentor Frederik. I’ve known that 80n and him talked a little about my project during London hack-a-thon meeting. So Frederik and I chatted a bit about what I’ve done till now about brainstorming, design and GUI ideas and sent me an email about some issues I have to face with to show in the most usable way some OSM stuff like key/value and rule handling with logical operators.

I think that it’s a big issue, so we should choose if developing a single interface to make novice and power users happy at once or (which is what I’m thinking of right now) have at least a double interface. It’s difficult to have novice users (who just want to change colors or show specific features/amenities) deal with logical operators, I think quite impossible because they probably don’t want to bother with them. So a template-driven interface (with a sort of pluggable interface in the application, as also suggested by Dieterdreist) could be a solution for them. The problem here is GSoC deadline, so I think I should deal with code issues and power users interface first, and prepare things for novice users in the code. The most “novice” GUI I can get during SoC the better!


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