May 13, 2008

When OSM is better…

Posted in GSoC tagged at 8:41 pm by fadinlight

Today I had some conversation with Dieterdreist. We wanted to do a little meeting to talk about my project and to do some mapping here in Rome, but we’ve been unable to do so. However we had a little IRC meeting to talk about my project and about OSM in general.

About my project, we talked about the GUI, which is actually the most problematic thing I’ll have to face during my development phase. How to show logical operators to users in the most usable way? I don’t like the way existing softwares do, so I should provide some kind solution to it.

He told me about one great site, Sautter, which provides a nice-looking way to show OSM and Google Maps at the same time, with a user-controlled transparency. So we tried to search for areas in which OSM is already over the top: thinking about Cyprus, Baghdad, Iceland, Iceland again (this is fantastic..). There are many other great-mapped regions too.

That’s the power of… OSM!


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