July 1, 2008

Weekly Report #4: First PrePrePrePreAlpha Release

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Important: This version works only on Firefox browser (tested in version 2 and 3).

Relevant links:

SVN? Dev? What’s happened?

I’ve done many things in the past week (even if my last weekly report was 10 days old, I had an exam last Wednesday). Apart from idling in the irc channel (asking for help much of the time, I admit! Thank you to all OSMers that helped me), as you can see in the links, I have now accounts for SVN and DEV server (thanks to TomH and Spaetz, also for their patience on helping me in the first steps). I can’t explain with simple word how excited I’ve been when I made my very first commit in an open source project’s SVN. That’s cooooool…!

r8469 | merio | 2008-06-26 00:20:21 +0200 ( gio, 26 giu 2008 ) | 1 line

Directory for GSoC project code name osmarender-frontend created

Oh well.. just created the directory… I was doing my first steps… so please forgive me if this shouldn’t be a real “commit” 🙂

New Features

So, what about new features?


  • The project can now be distributed in a online and in a offline version (rough shell scripts for distributing provided in the SVN).

General GUI

  • The screen has been divided in three “logical” sections to help a sort of rough usability for testing purposes. CSS styles are liquid. Upper left section is dynamic.


  • Create, modify, delete a CSS property, can transform automatically on those events, WYSIWYG style
  • View current color for fill and stroke properties in a little dynamic box (onkeyup event)
  • Show innermost key/value pairs associated to the selected CSS class
  • Modify color for fill and stroke properties via the DojoX Color Picker (I had to leave xhtml+xml for that 😦 )
  • Modify numbers via Dijit Number Spinner
  • Modify fixed choice properties with select box (like text-anchor,display etc)

Key/Value Pairs-related

List Key/Value pairs that are in the data file selected

  • List innermost CSS classes and symbols associated to selected key/value pairs


  • List of all SVG symbols in the rule file with preview
  • List of innermost key/value pairs that link to the symbol ID

Known Bugs

  • GUI and code are very messy, buggy, error prone 🙂
  • Some GUI (and perhaps model) mess when dialing with styles edited via spinners (especially with “px” suffix in Firefox 3 and with “invalid number” warning if browser has not US locales, for this you can use Quick Locale Switcher Firefox Extension)
  • Symbols may be listed two or more times, something to deal with Firefox 3 compatibility
  • Only innermost rules between classes and key/value pairs are considered. I’ve to improve the rule data model before.
  • Key/Value pairs are parsed from the data file every time you click on “View Key/Value pairs” and not only once when loading at the beginning.


  1. Anonymous said,

    Nice work.
    Tested it in Opera 9.50 but didn’t work (in FF3 seems ok).

  2. Martin said,

    congratulations. An important step in your project. It’s working fine in FF2


  3. fadinlight said,

    Anonymous: Thank you for your comment. I’ve updated the post to specify browser compatibility. I’ll do my best to extend that in the future. Last time I’ve checked, some needed features were missing in other browsers, will check again ASAP.

  4. fadinlight said,

    Martin: You’re always welcome! Thanks for the info..and for your suggestions in the #osm irc channel. Can’t wait for the next Rome mapping party!

  5. John said,

    Ah, now i got a color field, thanks 😉
    Two things: If i render with zoom-17, the map details and symbols are tiny, is there a way to add a zoom button?
    How about something to browse for the osm-file? Could a osm-file, that is in another folder, be used too?

  6. fadinlight said,

    Hi John 🙂 Yes, we’ve got a color picker! 😉 However I don’t like it too much, I can’t tell it a “starting color”, so editing it’s difficult. Plan to integrate another one or talk with Dojo devs or modify their code.
    AFAIK, FF doesn’t support zoom in/out in inline SVG, I’ll try that in FF3 to see if something has changed using Osmarender’s interactive mode.
    I can’t integrate something to browse with in the offline version because of security reasons with Javascript. I’ll integrate it ASAP for the online version (client/server roundtrip required). About the offline version, a Java solution might be needed, or some Firefox advanced programming. Obviously the last solution is not cross-browser, so more research needed 🙂

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