July 15, 2008

State Of The Map!!!

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(This post has been published after the original date)

And finally… here it is! After visiting Google offices and after a night in Zurich, on 11th I’ve taken a flight for London, and then another to Dublin (sorry for being late guys!), to go to State Of The Map 2008!

It’s really difficult to tell in a little blog post all that’s happened during this great conference of great people from all over the world! This is the real community feeling, and words are not enough to me. I’m not into the community since too much time, but I’ve really felt as being part of it long before.

It would be a long list to name all of OSM folks I’ve met and with whom I’ve talked and had a good time, so I will just link the list of participants, scheduled talks, workshops and lightning talks. I want to thank all of you!

Here just some photos of SOTM08, more on Flickr!

My lightning talk, showing Osmarender Frontend architecture (thanks to Simone Cortesi)

From left: Frederik Ramm (my mentor and mantainer of JOSM), me, Ivan Sanchez Ortega and Dair Grant @ Dublin airport

Something that only the MAJOR group above can really understand 🙂

On the left: Etienne Cherldu (aka 80n, creator of Osmarender); On the right: Knut Arne Bjørndal (aka Bob Kåre, Osmarender hacker… thanks for all the good time!)

Simone Cortesi during his “State of Italy” talk

Me and Hiroshi Miura, wait for dancing again next time! 🙂 (thanks to Simone Cortesi.. and to bobkare for the linked psychedelic photos 🙂 )


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