August 9, 2008

Unit testing, unit testing…

Posted in GSoC tagged , at 1:31 pm by fadinlight

(This post has been published after the original date)

As said before, I was going to use JSUnit for unit testing while refactoring CMYK library’s code. After failing many times, I’ve found that latest Firefox 3 security policies seems to break JSUnit, so I needed to download it from the JSUnit code trunk and create “security.fileuri.origin_policy=3” key in about:config.

Now it finally works smoothly, and, after some learning, I’ve started to produce some unit tests for the first refactored library modules.

A very interesting thing I’ve found is that, before this version, JSUnit Firefox’s version seemed to support a client-side functionality to browse through local files to open a test suite. This functionality no longer works for Firefox 3. I need to find if really there is no hope to get a Firefox 3 browse feature.


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