September 10, 2008

What’s going on

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Just a little post to let you all folks know, as most of you already know, that Osmarender Frontend has not come to an end with the end of Google Summer of Code 2008. I’ve a need for a little stop for a University exam on September 18th. These are however my plans for the next future

  • Refactor the blog, for a smooth transition from Summer of Code to “normal project life” announcements (weekly report and gsoc feeds are not meaningful anymore, as the GSoC category).
  • Refactor CMYK rule model as soon as possible to obtain the full power of reading/writing rules
  • Change the wiki to describe better the architecture of Osmarender Frontend, CMYK library and JUICE widget.
  • Dig further in the upcoming 1.2 release of Dojotoolkit. There are some interesting new features that I was looking for in the past for Osmarender Frontend, like the CheckableMenuItem (that is, a checkable item in drop-down menus). Furthermore, I think that the new will be very useful for xAPI communication. Some other facilities like dojox.lang.observable, dojox.lang.aspect, dojox.json.schema and are very interesting to me, too, and I wanna explore them further to see if they can be really useful to me for better coding.
  • If I’ll manage to get it work (I didn’t during GSoC) and is satisfying to me, I would like to change my unit tests to DOH (if it’s likely to be powerful as JSUnit), to reduce the dependence of Osmarender Frontend from other projects. The new doh.robot thingie seems to be very very interesting for UI testing too, need to compare its power with Selenium IDE‘s.

Osmarender frontend story continues… 🙂


September 2, 2008


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No, it’s not a duplicate post! For all talk-it folks, I’ve just released the italian version of the manual. There are also some changes in the English version. So, here the links:

Italian version (20080901)

ODT or PDF format

English version (20080901)

ODT or PDF format (there is also an ODT with all revisions till 20080901… basically yesterday’s version for the moment).