November 24, 2008

OpenStreetMap Code Swarm!

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Relevant links:

This is my little surprise to all OSM devs! 🙂

After three days of try and error with the great Michael Ogawa’s code swarm, mencoder, subtitle editor, audacity and following some guides like this one, after 7 hours of frames rendering and countless hours of video compressing… here it is!

Unfortunately I’m not so into OSM history to insert sensible subtitles about “commit bursts” and I’m not sure about all the dates of API changes… if you want to help please contact me or comment!

How you can help:

  • Tell me about relevant OSM dates that explains commit bursts
  • Every circle represent a file, and all files in the SVN corresponding to some regex can be coloured differently (so we can, for example, have different colors for osmarender commits, tiles@home, core API, etc…; or, if wanted, different colors for ruby sources, js, html, etc..). I’m going to produce them for future videos, but obviously Regexs are appreciated 🙂
  • I’m a real newbie on video compressing, so you can give me mencoder strings to encode the video in different or more attractive codec/quality. Consider that code_swarm outputs all frames in png, then I use raw output to merge them, insert the logo, insert the subtitles. After that I compress the raw file (here your help is needed!!!) and then I merge the file with the background music.

Background music is taken from “First Flight” by SkinMechanix (CC-by-SA license)

My videos are also released as CC-by-SA.

If you want to learn more about what code swarm is, then check out Michael Ogawa code swarm’s home page



November 22, 2008

Back to work

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It’s been a long time since the last post. After successfully passed my exam I took a little holiday trip camping around Europe with my girlfriend Claudia (thanks to Frederik Ramm who took us around for a morning in Karlsruhe :)) and then I was a little buried in everyday stuff and everyday work. Now I’ve managed to have more spare time to return back working on Osmarender Frontend!

I was not totally outside OSM however, when I had a little time I’ve managed to remain in touch with the community and doing some little works:

  • I’ve given a talk @ Linux Day 2008 in Rome about OpenStreetMap on October 25th (thanks to LS-Lug for hosting, Simone Cortesi for slides and Martin Koppenhoefer, his girlfriend and their friend for coming there! :))
  • I’ve started to get in touch a little bit with OSMTracker devs because of lack of compatibility with my Samsung Omnia i900. I spent an evening with Rubke and Ldp in chat talking about Marco Polci’s cool work (Pollicino), which already had some compatibility with WM internal GPSes. Now, however, an Intermediate driver for internal GPSes has been developed independently and OSMTracker is fully compatible with my cell phone. Furthermore, I’ve subscribed OSMTracker mailing list.
  • Learnt to use a really great software to use in sync with OSMTracker for mapping, called JTileDownloader
  • Thanks to Virtual Tiles@Home, I’ve managed to get Tiles@Home working on my old Windows box and begun helping actively. However now it’s not working anymore, hope to find a solution when I’ll have more time 😦 As I’ve seen one mail talking about Osmarender Frontend, I’ve subscribed TaH mailing list to not miss possible future mails.
  • In the meantime I was starting to study for developing a little Firefox extension to monitor user’s Tiles@Home activity. I’ve already written some lines of code, but stay tuned for updates 😉
  • I’ve changed Osmarender wiki to link to my Osmarender Frontend wiki page
  • I’ve subscribed the Openstreetmap Italy Facebook group
  • Replied to Jiri Klement (hope to reply again soon) about his new Osmarender rules file format proposal
  • Last but not least… managed to read thousands of emails coming from OSM mailing lists 🙂

Yesterday I’ve done some commits to keep Osmarender Frontend in sync with bobkare’s work on Osmarender’s SVN reorganization. I need however to work to get Osmarender Frontend fully compatible with the new SVN layout, and that means:

  • Using always the latest Osmarender XSLT and latest rule files.
  • Keep dojotoolkit outside the svn (no more svn:externals, so I need other solutions to link to the library) and write some shell scripts to download it (and jsdoctoolkit, and jsunit for developing).
  • Let Osmarender Frontend be fully compatible again with symbols, that are now again outside the rule file.

Before starting to code Osmarender Frontend again, however, today I’m working on a little, very beautiful (to me) surprise for all devs that I’m planning to release tomorrowStay tuned!