April 14, 2009

Or/Js: Osmarender in your own browser

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Well, very very long time since my last post. What I would like to showcase this time is a little project of mine I’ve been working on in the last weeks, with great and unvaluable guidance from the author of or/p, Frederik Ramm.

It’s still work in progress, but to me looks very promising: it’s a JavaScript porting of or/p, the perl porting from the original Osmarender XSLT. It obviously performs slower than the Perl code (about 3 times slower), but it hopefully can get faster thanks to the future Firefox integration with Tracemonkey. Furthermore, if I can get to integrate it with SQLite Firefox engine, it’ll probably gain more and more speed. Downloading locally from the SVN, giving it permissions and using the enhanced load XML, it’ll even loads local files (with a common file browsing window) or downloads the XML OSM data file from the API giving it a permalink from OpenStreetMap’s slippy map. This is something that, in the future, will be done also when serving the script online, using a signed script or making it a Firefox extension. I hope to integrate it, before or then, with Osmarender Frontend, to give it a pretty real WYSIWYG feeling!