November 24, 2008

OpenStreetMap Code Swarm!

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This is my little surprise to all OSM devs! 🙂

After three days of try and error with the great Michael Ogawa’s code swarm, mencoder, subtitle editor, audacity and following some guides like this one, after 7 hours of frames rendering and countless hours of video compressing… here it is!

Unfortunately I’m not so into OSM history to insert sensible subtitles about “commit bursts” and I’m not sure about all the dates of API changes… if you want to help please contact me or comment!

How you can help:

  • Tell me about relevant OSM dates that explains commit bursts
  • Every circle represent a file, and all files in the SVN corresponding to some regex can be coloured differently (so we can, for example, have different colors for osmarender commits, tiles@home, core API, etc…; or, if wanted, different colors for ruby sources, js, html, etc..). I’m going to produce them for future videos, but obviously Regexs are appreciated 🙂
  • I’m a real newbie on video compressing, so you can give me mencoder strings to encode the video in different or more attractive codec/quality. Consider that code_swarm outputs all frames in png, then I use raw output to merge them, insert the logo, insert the subtitles. After that I compress the raw file (here your help is needed!!!) and then I merge the file with the background music.

Background music is taken from “First Flight” by SkinMechanix (CC-by-SA license)

My videos are also released as CC-by-SA.

If you want to learn more about what code swarm is, then check out Michael Ogawa code swarm’s home page



August 5, 2008

Mapping Elice

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(This post has been published after the original date)

As said in my last post, Simone Cortesi came here in Montesilvano for two days. Simone thought to try to map a very little town, to see and test how much time is needed to map a whole town. After a quick look on the slippy map, we decided to map a little town nearby, which is called Elice.

An example of synchronous photo 🙂 (right photo by Simone Cortesi)

We went there in the afternoon by his car, and, after a coffee and a little tour around Elice, we found that this town couldn’t be mapped by car! So we parked the car and started to discover every Elice’s street by feet 🙂

Maps maps maps maps (right photo by Simone Cortesi)

We both took GPS traces and photos, while Simone took note of every street on a paper. We found to map the whole town in few more than 1 hour, with much fun, also seeing the faces of the wondering inhabitants 🙂

Elice street sign

Twilight maps… (photo by Simone Cortesi)

May 19, 2008

Mapping Sardinia 2

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Having been busy awhile, I didn’t have the time to map a bit anymore. So yesterday night I’ve updated and opened my JOSM and mapped (and uploaded) some GPS traces I’ve made during my Sardinia holiday. The best effort has been completing SS131 mapping (that is the main road connecting Sardinia’s North with South), but only in a direction at the moment, with a particular attention on mapping the sections actually under construction with corresponding deviations.

After few days, now I can update some images:



After that, I’ve spent a little time on mapping some parts of Cagliari (especially near the sea)) and surrounding towns like Quartu S.Elena and Sestu (with special attention to SS554, the parts I’ve updated were not a “double one way”):

Cagliari and Quartu S. Elena before

Cagliari and Quartu S. Elena after

Sestu and SS554 before

Sestu and SS554 after

What can’t be seen from these images, but can be explored visiting the slippy map, are all the waypoints my beloved girlfriend Claudia has collected while I was driving, such as banks, fuel stations, bridleway, service roads inside car parkings…

May 9, 2008

Sardinia Mapping

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Today I’ve returned from Sardinia, so it’s time to tell a little “digest” of what happened there with my girlfriend (oh, well… only mapping-related informations ;)).

My beloved Claudia found to be a perfect mapper!!! She took care of recording any waypoint and street names while I was driving through Sardinia in these days. We collected 427 waypoints and 30682 GPS points. I’ll upload them during next days, cause I’ve to make some order out of them to tag them properly.

However, this is what appears in JOSM, with an OpenAerialMap layer:

You can notice a little trace in the upper right, near italian peninsula: this is a little “route=ferry”. Unfortunately I couldn’t manage to catch satellites in any way during the travel, so at 5 am, when I woke up, I went out from the deck and mapped a little… however I’ve seen that, fortunately, that route is already mapped.

May 1, 2008

Mapping Sardinian SS131

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(This post has been published after the original date, due to connection issues)

As I’ve said yesterday, I went to Sardinia to meet my girlfriend Claudia, for a week holiday after the last difficult month, in which I’ve passed two exams and… obviously, acceptend in this fantastic adventure called Google Summer of Code… and this fantastic community called OpenStreetMap!

However, I arrived to Olbia but my girlfriend lives in Cagliari (in the opposite side of Sardinia). Olbia and Cagliari are connected by a long primary road, called SS131 and SS131bis. I’ve seen in the last days that this way is not yet fully mapped… so a GPS trace during this 270 km travel has been an obvious choice!

In the above picture, you can see what’s already mapped in Sardinia, and, in green, my GPS trace, as seen in JOSM. The central part is not already mapped… so… mapping the remaining it’s a good thing to do in the next days!

April 28, 2008

Ideas! Ideas!

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Going deeper into Osmarender’s rule file today. I had also some (beautiful to me) ideas for the GUI and for the architecture of the future frontend, which I updated in the wiki. I think previews for CSS styles (taken from very little default OSM files) will be a very interesting feature to improve usability. And more ideas are coming.

However, this morning I had a nice surprise: villa Doria Pamphili has rendered quite well (although I’ve to do some changes)

More interesting details zooming in…

Even the steps in the upper right corner have a name, although it’s not rendered even in the higher zoom. Think I’m going too strict with details 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll look for more architecture and GUI guidelines ideas… hope to draw a beautiful architecture diagram in the next days!

April 27, 2008

Sunday out mapping

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A sunny Sunday… summer is coming… there’s no better way to spend my time than go out in one of Rome parks, “Villa Doria Pamphili”. Furthermore, it was not mapped (till today!) at all. I went there with 3 friends of mine, and I have to thank Fabio, Pitrinu e Luciano for having so much patience waiting for my mapping activity while we were walking in the park. Here’s my fastly hand-made map 🙂

After we finished walking all around the park, we got a rest near the lake… so it was the best time to make some order from that impossible to read map 🙂

A little better, huh? 🙂

So, when I came back home, after some things I had to do, I’ve started JOSM and start editing with Yahoo images in background 🙂 I’m uploading all the nodes and ways when I’m writing, hope you can find something interesting here tomorrow, because now there is nothing 🙂 Don’t know very well how it’s going to render, it’s my first experiment on park mapping 🙂

Apart from that, my yesterday’s mapping activity now it’s rendered… and now the zone around me is a little better…hope to get a full map soon 🙂

Doing those maps, now I’ve undoubtly more awareness of mapping characteristics, and this is giving me new ideas and some little “use-case” for my project. Hope for more ideas in the next days!

April 26, 2008

OSM addiction on the way

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A sunny Saturday here in Rome. But I’ve started it in my home, idling on the #osm irc channel and trying to get Tiles@home working in my Windows box (a mid-tower computer which I’m not using so much). So I’ve started getting a T@h account (thank you crschmidt!) and trying using the all-in-one installer found in the Windows@home wiki page, just trying to keep the easy way. Unfortunately, I’ve got it to work (at least it seems it renders) but couldn’t upload any tile image till now. Probably there’s something broken but I think the manual way would be easier than the easy way 🙂

After a little bit of T@h playing, I went out from home and, during my little travel, I’ve got some new GPS traces, which I’ve edited in JOSM and uploaded, with some corrections of my previous editing sessions.

Probably in the next two days I’ll be less productive, however I’ll continue my Osmarender studies in spare time.

April 23, 2008

My first mapping day!

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My First WaysToday is a special day! I’ve got my first taste of being an active OSM contributor!

At the first mapping party in Rome on April 20th Dieterdreist, Danilo and I had got a little GPS trace of the zone called “Monti Tiburtini”. I asked them to let me try to do some JOSM playing (because actually I’m a newbie in real mapping situations) and wait for my editing.

So the first thing I’ve done today has been to open an OpenStreetMap account and upload my first GPX file to the OSM server 🙂 Then I’ve started to get in touch with JOSM, and after one or two hours of try-and-error (with some great help from Dieterdreist… I can’t thank you enough for your patience!) I’ve got my first map! 🙂 If you want to participate to my joy, you can see the result (all the white streets).

But in the evening I had to do some “shopping” around: my zone is not mapped at all… so it was the best occasion to do some GPS tracing play! 🙂 I took my bluetooth GPS and my OSMTracker-powered handheld… and when I came back to home I’ve uploaded new GPS traces, and played around with JOSM to learn more and more about it. Here my personally exciting results!

Case Rosse

At the end, I wanted to learn something about other features OSM gives us, and after I’ve got to work the Yahoo plugin, I’ve extended Aniene river a little, which was limited to GRA motorway before.

I can’t find the right words to say how I enjoyed this mapping experience! I’ve a fear that I’m becoming OSM-addicted 🙂

So… more coming soon…!