August 10, 2008

Refactoring and UML models

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(This post has been published after the original date)

Now that all is ready, I know that probably the time is not enough for GSoC deadline to complete all that I would like to complete (even if I’ll try to do my best), that would be:

  • Externalise data model from cmyk.js
  • Create and package a better data model for rules handling (with some GUI hacking I could let it work in few time after creating it)
  • Refactor Osmarender Frontend (the GUI section) code
  • Externalise and dynamic loading some GUI resources (like the various panels)
  • Refactor some controls (mainly those that edit CSS properties) as Dojo widgets
  • If time permits, start using Dojo templating system for some GUI resources
  • Create all packages ready for release

The hardest thing to do would be to write and get to work the refined data model for rules handling. This is because, after a quick refresh of my Osmarender rules knowledge, I’ve produced the rough sort-of-UML model shown above (thank to argouml), which represents needed classes, inheritances, attributes and types. That explains clearly how difficult will be a proper refactoring, at least to get it to work for GSoC deadline without too much loose ends. Obviously I don’t want to risk to break something now. 🙂

So, what I’m doing now? I’m using a mixed “top-down/bottom-up” stategy. I’ve already refactored some data models used by cmyk.js (1st point) and I’m just starting to externalise and dynamic loading GUI resources for Osmarender Frontend (4th point). This is going to be a step by step process, refactoring the code and re-testing the GUI any time, for every bit, to see if some regression bug appears. It would be quite slow, but, IMO, too much needed to have a maintainable and more flexible code for future improvements.

In the meantime, I’ll begin to prepare Osmarender Frontend’s directory in SVN for release.