May 19, 2008

Mapping Sardinia 2

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Having been busy awhile, I didn’t have the time to map a bit anymore. So yesterday night I’ve updated and opened my JOSM and mapped (and uploaded) some GPS traces I’ve made during my Sardinia holiday. The best effort has been completing SS131 mapping (that is the main road connecting Sardinia’s North with South), but only in a direction at the moment, with a particular attention on mapping the sections actually under construction with corresponding deviations.

After few days, now I can update some images:



After that, I’ve spent a little time on mapping some parts of Cagliari (especially near the sea)) and surrounding towns like Quartu S.Elena and Sestu (with special attention to SS554, the parts I’ve updated were not a “double one way”):

Cagliari and Quartu S. Elena before

Cagliari and Quartu S. Elena after

Sestu and SS554 before

Sestu and SS554 after

What can’t be seen from these images, but can be explored visiting the slippy map, are all the waypoints my beloved girlfriend Claudia has collected while I was driving, such as banks, fuel stations, bridleway, service roads inside car parkings…