June 1, 2008

Weekly Report #1: How to obtain the ugliest map ever

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(To see the screencast, visit this link and download 20080601_osmarender_frontend_screencast.zip file – 14 Mb)

Despite my weekly report’s title, this week I’ve obtained the first successful step of my project!

New features

These are the new features:

  • I’ve seen that my application is now compatible with Firefox 3 RC1 for Windows (worked in beta 4 but didn’t in beta 5)
  • Don’t really know what’s happened (perhaps some issues with my previous Kubuntu installation? perhaps some Firefox 3 module kept when downgrading in my 8.04?), but I’ve seen that the application seems to be compatible even with Firefox for Linux
  • Can load a predefined rule file or a custom rule file, giving its name in an input box
  • Thanks to this CSS Parser, with some modifications, the application will parse the CSS section of the rule file
  • A combo box will appear in the application, and selecting a CSS class, you can modify any preset
  • I’ve written a little function for CSS Writing, so the application will automatically store in memory any new value
  • I’ve found a little trick for saving to disk the edited XML file, and successfully reloading it.


So what about the title? As I’ve done during application phase, I’ve produced a little screencast to show those features. In the screencast you’ll see the real meaning of this weekly report’s title 🙂

So, if you have time (it’s 10 minutes long, but I’ve spent 3-4 hours to produce it, so give me some satisfaction 😉 ), you can download and view this SWF screencast! (download the 20080601_osmarender_frontend_screencast.zip file, about 14 Mb) After downloading, unzip it in a directory of your choice and point your browser at 20080601_Osmarender_frontend_screencast.html, playing it in full screen mode (F11).

Next steps

During next week I hope to achieve the following tasks:

  • Refactoring of all my code (now it’s a mess)
  • Begin using JSDoc for documentation
  • Create new CSS properties/classes or delete them
  • If time helps, I would like to enrich the internal CSS data model to let the frontend know how to edit single properties with a proper widget. To do this I’ll try to encapsulate some existing JS libraries in the future.